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This is inspired by a simple scheme I found when I first started programming. The logic is simple: Take an image of the screen and XOR it one pixel to the right on itself, then again but one pixel down, and again one pixel left and finally again one pixel up. A very simple inversion scheme for some cool effects. Sometimes you will see some very unexpected geometric patterns.

Mouse mappings:
Right-click to clear the screen.
Left-click and/or drag to draw a random color pixel or rainbow line.

Key mappings:
G - Pause/Resume
C - Resume circualr inversion
S - Step through the patterns
P - Enable/disable drawing a randomly-colored pixel in the middle of the screen when you clear it (default off)
R - Reverse direction
F - Enable/disable center pixel feeding. The pixel will always be there but randomly colored to feed the pattern. (default off)
Z - Enable/disable top & left line erasure. This prevents pixel feeding on the edges when a pattern reaches them resulting in noise or something else very interesting! (default on)
(Arrows) - Performs inversion in the direction of arrow instead of circular
(Other key) - Exit program

Download here. Download Static.exe
13.04.09 - 4.0KB
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