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This is the result of my decoding the protocol behind programming my red "A021" "v2.10" LED badge.   It has 8 messages and various styles of presenting them.&nbnp; The program that came with it doesn't offer as many features as mine ;)   Plus this one is super small and requires no installation!   Tested to work on WinXP and Win 7 x64.
I've added:
  • Dancing Letters
  • Pick starting message after writing
  • Pick starting power level after writing
  • Finds actual COM ports
  • Allows you to type in a port, if necessary
  • Saves COM port & other information

Download here. Download EJBadge.exe
15.09.11 - 11.0KB

If you are having trouble getting the program to use the COM (serial) port, please try the drivers for the programming cable here.
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