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Because the "official" program is a pharse, loaded with spyware and likely very bloated for it's menial task...
I ran acccross a file of this type and wanted its contents, read up on it and found it only to be done by a malacious program. This program claims to compress files but from what I see there is no such thing, it's just a file container like TARBALL except only the data and filename are retained, not the date or timestamps.

I have only run accross single-file ZIX files, so this applet will only extract 1 (the first) file. I will not, and am too lazy to deal with downloading the "official" program to test that.
If someone would be so kind as to create a small multi-file ZIX for me, I'll add that to my program. If you run across a file of this type, DISCOURAGE ITS USE and tell the author to never do it again.

Download here. Download EJUnZIX.exe
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